Tensile threads (``Russian threads`` - ``notched threads``)

These threads have multiple asperities and “cling” under the skin “like Velcro” without any suture. They are put in place using a thin needle that leaves no scars. The tissues thus “hooked” and put back in tension make it possible to restore the oval of the face, and to decrease the ptosis at the level of the cheeks or the neck for example. They also allow the raising of cheekbones or eyebrows, which can improve the dynamics of the gaze.

There are nylon and polypropylene threads, non-absorbable, very well tolerated. More recently, resorbable threads have appeared on the market that break up in about 6 to 10 months.

The moderate relaxation of the oval of the face, the jowls, the folds of bitterness … The threads are also interesting to treat the sad look or the tired air due to the sagging of the cheekbones or the eyebrows.

They see each other immediately. Some folds of the skin may appear as a result of the tensioning. They usually fade in 2 to 3 weeks. The results last, in theory, a few years. It depends on the type of yarn and their quality of manufacture, the number of threads implanted and the experience of the doctor. The duration has been much improved since the use of longer and multiple threads.

The implantation of threads makes it possible to obtain a natural and coherent result because all the collapsed zones can be treated at the same time.

From one hour for simple poses to more than two hours for complex poses. It is a precise job that must not be hasty. Placing a son is not very difficult but placing it well is another story.