Injection of hyaluronic acid in filling wrinkles

It is used as a perfectly tolerated and resorbable filling implant in the treatment of facial and neck wrinkles for more than 20 years. These are hyaluronic acid wrinkle filling injections. Once injected precisely, the product will correct and reduce wrinkles.

It can also change volumes, since the appearance of hyaluronic acids is thicker and more concentrated:

  • fillthe lips and plump the mouth
  • fill cheeks or cheekbones
  • correct the nose or chin
  • fill hollow temples
  • fill dark circles …

In principle, no test is necessary because it is not an allergenic substance. Today, good products are very pure and allergies are extremely rare

The different laboratories now offer many products at varying concentrations and viscosities. They adapt to different indications (remodeling facial volumes, smoothing fine wrinkles or skin revitalization and re-hydration) but also to different types of skin.

To fill or smooth a wrinkle, the injection is very superficial (1 to 2 mm). It is done using a very fine needle allowing the immediate erasure of wrinkles and furrows, without over-correction. So the result is immediate. The doctor must know how to vary the depth of implantation of the product to obtain the desired effect (smoothing a superficial wrinkle, filling a deep wrinkle or a furrow). The experience of the practitioner makes all the difference in the results obtained.

A complementary session may be necessary after 3 to 6 weeks, especially if it is the first time that the area is treated.

To restore lost volumes to a face, the doctor will more likely use a needle with a foam tip (micro-cannula) to avoid bruising. In fact, the injections are, in this case, deeper and the risk of bruising is greater, especially with conventional needles.

It usually takes larger amounts of concentrated hyaluronic acid. The cost is therefore higher. Learn more about correcting face volumes

It is good to renew the infusion every six to nine months, sometimes less in the first sessions. Preferably, wrinkles or furrows are not expected to reappear completely. The products used to reshape volumes (cheekbones, temples, lips, nose correction, deep furrows …) last longer: 12 to 18 months.

The product is almost “natural” because identical to that of the human body. The effect of the filling injection is immediate. There are few or no inconvenient suites. If the doctor is delicate, bruises or bruises are rare. Hyaluronic acid is not allergenic so there is no test product before the session of injections.

Small redness and swelling in the treated wrinkles can be seen (depending on the skin) and persist for a few hours to a few days after the injection. Hyaluronic acid is reabsorbed more or less quickly and requires regular sessions but, in general, the effect is getting better and better as the sessions progress.

Side effects are very rare with the good hyaluronic acids available to doctors today. We could see exceptionally: itching for a few weeks, granulomas (induration, swelling and local redness). These effects are reversible and it is possible to quickly dissolve injected hyaluronic acid by injecting a specific product: hyaluronidase.