FUE Hair transplant

The FUE technique consists of sampling, with the aid of a punch (0.8 to 0.9 mm), in the occipital and temporal donor area, follicular units in order to transplant them directly into the bald region to be treated. . Although the quality of follicular sampling is directly dependent operator, the improvements in instrumentation have made it possible to increase the rate of removal of hair transplants and significantly reduce the loss of follicular units.

When one observes a healthy scalp using magnifying glasses, it is found that the hair emerges through the skin in the form of groupings ranging from 1 to 4 hairs.

The sampling of a follicular unit is made from a micro-punch. This instrument allows by its sharp and circular edge, to isolate a follicular unit of all its cutaneous and greasy attachments. Once isolated, the follicular unit is recovered using a micro-clamp before being reimplanted on the bald area. The follicular units are preserved on enriched medium before being transplanted. The hair grafts are sorted and grouped according to the number of hair follicles per follicular unit.